Cyber Property Market - Costa Rica

Thank you very much for your support on this project. Your positive
customer service attitude and willingness are making the different.

Jeff & Milton (Consultant Internet)

Friendshipinn1 - USA

My client was very impressed with your logos. The one she likes best is the second one down on the right hand side. This one has the words "Friendship" wrapping around the top of a red and blue circle. (...)

Roland Arajs (Consultant Internet)


Hello, Assofin approved ALL your proposition interne-02-gb.gif, interne-03-gb.gif and interne-04-gb.gif! They want to use the "interne-03-gb.gif" for the English section "Presentation" page AND the Italian section "Presentazione" page; the "interne-02-gb.gif" for the English section "Members" page AND the Italian section "Associate" page; and the "interne-04-gb.gif" for the English section "Mission" page AND the Italian section "Obiettivi" page and so on.(…)

As usual, thanks for your help and time. I look forward for hearing from you. My best regards,

Paola Ronco (Consultant Internet)


The site looks great! Thank you for all of your help. Please bear with me since we are new. (…) Again thank you for all of your hard work and I hope to hear from you again soon.

Dee Foster (Consultant Internet)
IVY RIDGE – Sacramento - USA

Thanks, it's looking good. Like the upbeat feeling. (…)
Logo - It's contemporary and cute. (…) Collage looks great. (…)
Thanks for your quick response. Regards,

Marie Hardy (Consultant Internet)
UTSSXM – The Caribbean

Thanks for the design proposition. It looks great and the client is happy with the overall design. (…) Thanks.

Benson Pompier (Consultant Internet)

Thanks for your quick work I didn't realise you were working on the project very impressed. I think the splah intro page looks excellent, I am about to show the client and get feedback I'm sure they will think its great. Speak to you soon. Regards.

Lloyd J Osborne (Consultant Internet)

About logo creation - Thank you for your great design. (…)
Kind Regards,

Saad Alqasem (Consultant Internet)

The design for both are very nice but I think index 2 is better. (…)

Pascal (Consultant Internet)


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